signs of autumn

While I am a summer type of girl (love the heat!), I do enjoy seeing fall come on. The messiness of the garden, those gorgeous color changes, and odd wildlife behaviors enthrall me. It’s a season that is bursting with life and activity. After returning from our recent vacation and getting back into the rhythm of life, I took a few moments today to capture some of the beauty happening outside. It is unseasonably warm right now, but fall is upon us, for sure.



We call these cedar trees, but I believe they are officially junipers. Their “berries” (cones) are attractive to the birds called Cedar waxwings. If anyone knows better, please do inform me in the comments….this is my best guess on this tree based on what I know.




The trees doing their thing. We love trees and they are one of the main reasons we bought this place.




A lone walnut




Some decorative landscaping in the typical fall messy state. Used to get to me, now I just enjoy the mess. It’s part of the seasonal cycle and I appreciate it.


A shrub called Beautyberry ‘Early Amethyst’. Fabulous purple berries, attractive to birds.



Fallen leaves and grasses going to seed




We have a bunch of these grasses around. I just love them! Not sure what their official name is though.




Black walnut tree silhouetted against the sky. There are some walnuts still hanging on. I am going to learn to gather and harvest the nuts next year. They just fall to the ground and decay, or get picked up by wildlife. A few for me, please. It can’t be that hard, right?




Honeysuckle berries, the birds love these!




King Richard leeks – I planted these seeds what seems like a LONG time ago, and they are reaping me the reward.  Planted them in several places, including these large planters, which also held annuals during the summer – my first attempt at edible landscaping. They are ready for harvesting…or not. They can stay in the soil until we are ready for them if we provide them with some protection from the extreme cold.


While a large part of me would love to relocate to a more southern climate (remember that thing about the heat?), I really do appreciate getting all four full seasons here. I have a feeling that I would miss these types of changes. What is autumn like in your area? Do you get the seasonal changes where you are?

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